UAC:Warfare strikes again | 09.Mar.2006
After a period of redesign we are now back in action with new ideas, new members and new content to make UAC:Warfare a stunning game experience based on the award winning Quake 4 by Raven Software.
Concerning new content the Domination Mode has been finished by our Coder NightWulf including the User Interface. Our new Concept Artist Backslapper drawed some awesome concepts for our Buggy and also some anti-vehicle guns.
Freakman, and the new mapper Toireht who came from the chanceled DooM³ Mod "Hell on Earth" are mapping the redesigned "Mars Assault" Level to get our first UACW_Test release rolling out to the community as soon as possible.

Concerning the releasedate it's done when it's fun!

We are looking for a Weapon and Vehicle Modeller to support us getting the concepts in the game. You must be familiar with high-poly modelling so we can render the normalmaps out of your models. You can join as a freelancer if ou are interested to help us out with a certain model you spotted on our website. Please sent in some work samples to if you like to apply at our international team.


Status report | 08.Nov.2005
We are close to finish the re-texturing and some assets. Porting over stuff is the main thing we are doing in our spare time. Time is rare in the team because and Freakman are busy with their degree at school. Major Fleischer helped us a lot by modelling the Sniper gun as a Freelancer. He will maybe finish the Assault gun too. NightWulf works on the class-system UI and Central Intelligence reports that he already killed some Stroggs with the Aegis tank in Singpleplayer mode.
So we can do some playtestings with vanilla Quake 4 on our new Gameserver soon.


First look on UAC:Warfare with Quake4 Textures | 21.Oct.2005
The retexturing have just begun! After our switch from Doom³ to Quake4 we started to rework our Mod with the new assets. After having a look at the new features we can say that it was worth the switch. We will use slightly modified Marine models for our player classes. For airstrikes and supplies the Q4 Dropship and Fighter is perfect for our needs and will do its job in UAC:Warfare. The overall look will change a little bit because the Quake4 textures are dirty and grundged.

So here's the first shot of our retextured Mars Assault Level which will be released in our UAC:W_Test soon after the Quake4 SDK arrives. We also have two new Weapons modelled and ready for skinning plus the Icecrater terrain is done and in the pipeline for our Mappers. Exspect new shots in our next news update.


UAC:Warfare - New game new Content | 07.Oct.2005
Today we feel ready to announce that our DooM³ Multiplayer Modification UAC:warfare will be released for the upcoming Quake 4. It was a hard decision to move to Quake 4 and leave DooM³ behind us which we had a lot of fun developing content for.

But our mod would suffer from the lack of Players in DooM3. We never thought that the MP community would vanish so fast. Althought we will loose some features that are "unique" in DooM³ like huge terrain maps and our vehicle support which was up and running and we have to replace original DooM³ assets we think that UAC:W all in all will be greatly improved by the Quake 4 features. We wished to release an UAC:W-Test for DooM³ but like most mod teams we had some delays. So we will develop for Quake 4 and port over the codebase as soon as the SDK will be released by Raven/id. You can expect the UAC:W-Test for Quake 4 soon after the release of the SDK.

To indruduce UAC:W to the Quake community we put together a teaser movie and a bunch of new shots. You can see our APC Troop Transporter which is suiteable to carry up to 4 players or the heavily armed Aegis Antigrav tank. An preview of the HUD, the Detonator Item and our Field Laptop for calling in Air support can also be seen on the shots. Last but not least there is our Transnode effect to carry players quickly from one place to another. All shots are taken on Mars Assault the Beta staged map by and Freakman. Exspect new environmental shots like the Terraforming or the Snowmap in the next update.

We also proud to welcome Zombie (A Place of Malice, Deep Sea Research) in our team.
So exspect a massive Class-based Multiplayer experience in 2006 for Quake4.

Download UAC:Warfare Teaser (10 MB)


Still kickin' | 07.May.2005
Just another quick news update: m! is working again on his APC vehicle, the pics below are still work in progress. The final version will have a much more detailed front and back. Our bots now know how to play the Domination gametype (basically) but there is still a lot of work to do.

We are still looking for talented model and concept artists! If you interested please head over to our jobs page and drop us a note on our forums or send us an email.

Phobos has joined our team an he is going to create some bombastic music themes for our new multiplayer experience.

Update (13-05-05): Added new stuff to press section! Updated APC Screenshots. Get a small XVid video about the APC here!


Turrets, Domination, Weapons, Bots and Magazines | 04.Apr.2005
Althought the lack of updates to uac:w we work steady on our mod.
Our Combat Knife is ingame. Senkusha did some fine animations and is polishing them up at the moment in his spare time.
NightWulf finished the code for our Domination Gamemod and added some visual bonus stuff. Our Turret code is ready for action too. We have a basic "Warfare Bot" based on this code which needs to be improved.
Note: Bot support is not on the top of our todo list. is still working on "Mars Assault". Our CTF/Domination map which goes on fine.

Another good news is that we will be featured in German "Gamestar" magazine. There will be some exclusive pics and infos in one of their upcoming issues.


New site and teammember | 07.Feb.2005

As you may have heared, the DooM3Genetic Modification have canceled their work. Sad news, but Freakman the Leader from D3Genetic has joined our team. You may noticed the new site design which comes also from D3Gentic and has been overworked by m!

We`re looking for a few more talented developers, especially 3D Modelers and Concept Artists. See Jobs page for more informations.

In our media section you can find a turret model screenshot which was done by m!


Christmas Update | 24.Dec.2004

First of all a small status update: We finished the Capture the Flag game mode and is working hard on a eight players CTF mars map after his sport injury ( see plan file).

Our two new screenshots show a bunker from the new ctf map with its teleporter nodes. If you are near a teleporter node you can choose your destination point by clicking on the gui. The destination point is shown by a satellite photo of this location.

The classes are ingame and we are now working on the class selection menu where you can specify your player class ( Sniper, Ranger, Gunner ).


IRC Channel @ Quakenet | 29.11.2004

From now on you can reach us at our new Quakenet IRC Channel: #uac:w
Thanks to Shorack our new IRC Admin.


Now in Mod Database | 18.11.2004

We decided to join the Mod Database. It's a "must" registration because there are not that many D³ MP mods registered. You can give comments over there or vote for us in the "Mod of the Month" votings.
Related Link:Mod Database


Sniper Scope, Classes and Maps | 13.11.2004

Here we go. Our first news update since we launched UAC:W.
NightWulf started to code the class menu. There'll be three classes. Each class has certain abilities. Getting into detail would bust the news overview. ;)
The C-PDA has his basic functionalities as well. Its now in a weapon slot and the player can look/move while using the C-PDA.
We also started the GUI for our sniper gun. Unfortunately I have no drawing skills so I was forced to do the concept in Photoshop. NightWulf got the idea which I had in mind and used the assets I made in PS. The GUI is 65% done and we will release a small "action movie" next week. There are some more things in the final GUI like text and some graphical tweaks.
But we can promise that it will be a lot of fun to hunt down your enemy with this scope. ;) I played around with different terrain styles and made some map layouts. The "Icefields" map will be focused on wide open terrain and vehicle combat. Maybe it will be CTF only with two bases and a central command post built into a mountain. We are unsure about that at this early stage of development but will keep you up to date. [End Transmission..] ;)


Welcome to UAC:Warfare | 27.10.2004

Welcome to UAC: Warfare. We are developing a Doom³ Multiplayer Modification.
Some of our main features will be large terrains, driveable vehicles, turrets and a lot more stuff. You can find a complete list at our "features" section.
Maybe we will add more features in our first release but don't post them there because we won't dissapoint the community if the features don't make it into the first release.
We made some shots for the page launch and of course a forum to discuss features, give feedback or just share your ideas with us.